Lean manufacturing

Lean Principles


Lean manufacturing system gives you productivity, safe working environment, reduced costs, shorter lead times.... We do trainings (online and on site) for employees and managment, so you can do Lean manufacturing jurney on your on but we also offer turnkey projects where we manage the project.

We diferentiate two types of Lean projects:
1. Breaktrhough project
2. Day to day Lean

Break through projects are projects with defined scope, defined time frame from begining to the end, defined KPIs. This are projects that we do as a turnkey for you.

Day to day Lean is a system which is driven by emloyees and managment and includes culture change and beheviour change. We teach you how to acomplish this.

Why chose us?

We are team of experts in Lean manufacturing who went through this process many times in the past:

  • We seek for a win-win situation
  • In the project everyone gains (employees, management, company)
  • We charge based on delivered savings and project deliverables
  • After project is finished we continue to support you
  • We do not say it is easy, because it is not, but we make it easier
  • We do not overpromisse
  • Your success is our success
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Information about what we do

We are solution for you productivity and profitability increase using Lean manufacturing systems, automation and artificial inteligence supported by machine learning.

We understand how it is working up to budget and working up to time schedule

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