About us

Company Retriver is formed by a former Fiskars Manufacturing and R&D director in year 2010. 
Owner built his expirience in manufacturing and company management as well as in engineering solutions for improoving productivity and eficiency of manufacturing sites. 

As an engineering company we are looking for best solutions for our customers in field of smart automation and robotization and providing Lean manufacturing know how from live expirience.
Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing

We believe that there is no single manufacturing plant on earth which does not have oportunity to make it more productiive and efficient. We provide you with know how, delivering trainings, mentorship, turnkey projects
Automation & machine building

Automation & machine building

When Lean manufacturing does not bring enough productivity increase, when some tasks needs to be made without a touch of a worker, when we need to automize data colection, increase speed, increase quality, reduce human impact, improove H&S, than you need automation and we can help you


When you need someone to prepare a project which you will use for colecting quotation, when you need a project manager for your next manufacturing plant/department, when you need solution for a problem in manufacturing, when you need touch of an expert in field of glass manufacturing we can help you

The Best Solution for all Industrial & Factory Businesses!

We always seek for a win win situation looking at the quality and price competitivnes.

  • Quality
  • New Technology
  • Efficiency
  • Price Competitive
  • Within Agreed Timeschedule
  • Complete solution on one site
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Information about what we do

We are solution for you productivity and profitability increase using Lean manufacturing systems, automation and artificial inteligence supported by machine learning.

We understand how it is working up to budget and working up to time schedule

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Lupinjak 19/1, Hum na Sutli, Croatia

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